The new kid on the media store block, Google Play doesn’t yet have the volume of content (especially HD movies and TV) or ubiquity of device support enjoyed by its competitors.

But if you happen to own an Android device of fairly recent vintage, acquiring content via the Google Play Store app is as easy as doing so on the iPad or the Kindle Fire. Simply maneuver to the appropriate content category, and search or browse as you prefer. The Play Store charges purchase or rental fees to the credit card that you have on file for all your Google purchases; if you don’t have credit card data on file yet, you’ll be prompted to add it.

Music that you buy from Google Play automatically goes to your online Google Play library, and you can stream it to any Android device or browser. You can also upload up to 20,000 songs from other sources to the library via Google’s free Music Manager software, which makes the service great for streaming your tunes anywhere. But you can stream music to only one device at a time.



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